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The Team

Giordano ~ Owner


Giordano's passion for his Italian heritage is always evident in his cooking. He is motivated by a saying that his Nonna always said when he was a child, "Pulizia, Qualita, Con Tutto il Cuore" which translates to "Clean, Quality, With the Whole Heart". His goal is to bring Italy to your plate, either in the most traditional way or by using  his "Italian Fusion" twist on other countries most popular dishes.

Dakota ~ Business Manager


Giordano's business manager and other half, managing in the food service industry is no foreign territory to her. At a young age, she began working at her first restaurant and was on the management team soon after.  Dakota shares Giordano's passion for food, and has developed a new appreciation for genuine Italian food since meeting him.

About Giordano's

Giordano's Bus


Operating out of a 22' bus turned kitchen, Giordano's Kitchen Company is bringing innovation to the catering front with a modern twist. Food made fresh at each location, we bring our kitchen, to you!

Fresh & Authentic


We prioritize using locally sourced produce and Italian-made pastas to add to the authenticity of our dishes.



Giordano's is a one stop shop for your catering needs, we bring Italy to you!  From the food to the hospitality, we are sure that your experience with our team will be one to remember.